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Palo Santo Chakra Crystals Roll-On.


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Palo Santo Essential Oil with  Chakra Crystals



A Roll-on bottle of  Palo Santo Essential Oil and  Chakra Crystals is very convenient, easy to carry and to apply. Pinpoint where you want it and ENJOY!   Holistic aromatherapy, massages, arthritis, arthrosis, neck pain and muscle aches. Palo Santo oil is among the best oils to use via direct palm inhalation for its clearing and inspiring properties. It has settled, calming and grounding qualities, thus making it a great ally for maintaining emotional equanimity, as well as a superb oil for spiritual uplifting.

Ever feel like there’s something not quite right? This is likely because of a disruption to the natural flow of energy around your body. Balance your chakras with  The 7 Chakra Healing Roll-On with Palo Santo! It adds a vibrant touch to your living area while emanating positive and free-flowing energy.

  • Chakra Crystals,  Balance • Alignment • Energy

If your spirit is feeling out of whack, get back into alignment with this Chakra Roll-on. The energies of these seven stones are designed to match with each of your seven chakras, helping to dissolve energy blocks and reestablish balance. Create a harmonizing body grid with these colorful stones, and you’ll discover a rainbow of positive vibes in your spirit.
Affirmation: say positive affirmations while in the presence of these crystals, such as  “I am connected to my physical body”  to increase their grounding effects. You can also meditate in front of the healing crystals as it amplifies the crystal’s energy.

Bottle Sizes:  (10 ml)  Glass with Stainless steel Roller.

Packaging: Glass (Clear) Bottles.

Sold: 1 bottle per listed price.

Please Note: These items are carefully selected by professionals and are made in Australia.  Actually item may slightly differ from the image due to image quality, lightening and differing chip patterns as each set of chips are unique, but in most cases, actual items look much better.
* Buyer will receive one bottle from the stock which will be picked up randomly, with the highest quality chips.  

Very well made, excellent quality and design. 

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