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Earths Gifts 2 U Gift Card

The EarthsGifts2U gift card offers recipients the freedom to choose from a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable products, providing a thoughtful and environmentally-conscious gifting option. With this card, recipients can explore and select items that align with their values, promoting a greener lifestyle while enjoying the convenience of shopping for products that contribute to a healthier planet.

Denominations: $10.00
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Denominations: $10.00

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Free Palo Santo

Free Palo Santo stick with every jewellery purchase.

Because healing crystal stones absorb negativity and gain memory, it's important to cleanse your crystal stones often with Palo Santo Sticks by immersing the crystals in the Palo Santo smoke.

The Inca people of South America have been using this method for some 5000 years or more. Palo Santo smoke removes negative energy, cleanses and draws in good positive energy to fill the space.

So we have included a FREE Palo Santo stick with each jewellery or gemstone product. Cleanse your crystal of negative energy and memory as soon as you receive it. So you have clean pure crystal jewellery.

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