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My Family has been involved with Palo Santo Oils, Organic Crystals, Products for a long time, needless to say it has been many generations, a very long, long time.  I am of Inca origin and spend most of my life in the Inca Capital Cusco where I learnt  my families crafts.  Our products are the best they can be, our Palo Santo oils are Pure 100% (no additives anywhere). Palo Santo Oils have been used by the Inca’s for some 500 years possible even a lot longer. When the Spanish invaded South America the Spanish church quickly adopted the use of Palo Santo in all areas of their work.

 I now live in Australia and would like to bring to you one of the finest products known to mankind Palo Santo Oils and my  crystals and stones.  The crystal and stones macrame, I make here in Australia and some are made by Family in Peru.  Everything we make is of the Earth to You.

We also source other absolute pure essential oils from villages around the world.  We only deal with the real village makers of our products.  This way we know we have the best there is as we speak their language. All products are Sustainably Sourced and wild Harvested.

 We are now (Fully Registered) trademarked with All Palo Santo Products.

 All below shown Logo’s Wild Harvested etc., are Trademarked.

Our Palo Santo products are fully certified and carry the correct, Licenses, Approvals and certifications from appropriate Government Authorities.



For Purifying, Cleansing, Healing, Meditating, Stress Relief. Because of the extraordinary blessings that it bestows on those who have the good fortune to use it, over time, plant-medicines, such as Palo Santo Wood, have reached divine-like status in the hearts and minds of people all over the world.