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Palo Santo Bracelets


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 Palo Santo Bracelets . 


Bracelets:  Palo Santo (Holy Wood).

Botanic Name :  (Bursera Graveolens)

This aromatic wood belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh; It cleans and helps to remove the bad energy from the home, keep away evil spirits, induces meditation and spiritual search. The scent of Palo Santo is extremely soothing and transmits a powerful energy, hence the name "Santo". It is rich in terpenes such as limonene and α-terpineol.

  • The porous nature of the wood makes it perfect for use in aromatherapy, allowing the essential oils to be absorbed into the wood and the aroma diffused with the warmth of the skin. Perfect for Palo Santo Essential Oil, dispelling Negative Energy and allowing Positive energy to flow.

Bracelet Sizes: Medium 10mm .

Packaging:    In  Pouch.

Sold: 1 bracelet per listed price.

Please Note: These items are carefully selected by professionals and are handmade. Actually item may slightly differ from the image due to image quality, lighting and differing stone patterns as each bracelet are unique, but in most cases, actual items look much better.
* Buyer will receive one bracelet from the stock, Only the highest quality stones, which will be picked up randomly. 

Very well made, excellent cut and designs. 

Delivery:-    Normally dispatched within 24 hours.

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