Chakra Crystal Chips

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Experience the power of balance and harmony with our Chakra Crystal Chips! 

Chakra Crystal Chips are not just stones, they are your pathway to holistic healing and spiritual awakening. Each crystal corresponds to a specific chakra, helping to harmonize the seven energy centers within your body.

Here’s why they are a must-have:

  1. Balance and Alignment: Chakra Crystal Chips help to balance and align your seven chakras, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

  2. Vibrant Energy: Each crystal resonates with a specific vibrational frequency, helping to energize and activate your chakras.

  3. Holistic Healing: Chakra Crystal Chips aid in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, addressing imbalances on all levels.

  4. Personal Growth: They assist in personal growth and self-discovery, encouraging you to reach your highest potential.

  5. Aesthetically Diverse: The chips’ small size and vibrant colors make them perfect for jewelry, crafts, home décor, or simply to carry in your pocket.

Embrace the power of balance and harmony with our Chakra Crystal Chips. Let them guide you on your journey to holistic wellness and spiritual enlightenment.

Crystal Benefits

Balancing and aligning the chakras is thought to promote overall well-being, harmonize energy flow, and support physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


100grams in a hemp pouch.

Other Details

These items are carefully selected by professionals. Actual item may differ from the image due to image quality, lighting and stone patterns as each crystal is unique.

*Buyer will receive one pouch selected at random from the stock. Very well made, excellent cut and design.


Normally dispatched within 24 hours.

Product information

Free Palo Santo

Free Palo Santo stick with every Chakra Crystal Chips purchase.

Because healing crystal stones absorb negativity and gain memory, it's important to cleanse your crystal stones often with Palo Santo Sticks by immersing the crystals in the Palo Santo smoke.

The Inca people of South America have been using this method for some 5000 years or more. Palo Santo smoke removes negative energy, cleanses and draws in good positive energy to fill the space.

So we have included a FREE Palo Santo stick with every Chakra Crystal Chips. Cleanse your crystal Chakra Crystal Chips of negative energy and memory as soon as you receive it.

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