Amethyst Gemstone Set

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An amethyst bracelet, anklet, and pendant offer not only a stunning aesthetic appeal but also harness the reputed spiritual and healing properties of amethyst. Known for its calming energy, these accessories may promote emotional balance, stress relief, and enhanced spiritual awareness.

Additionally, the versatility of these jewelry pieces allows individuals to incorporate the soothing benefits of amethyst into their daily style, making them both fashionable and potentially beneficial for well-being.

These sets are handmade by ZULMA.

Anklets, bracelets: Medium Size. Bracelet Adjustable.

Crystal Benefits

Amethyst amplifies one's creative elements and assist in creating new and original results using methods and tools of the past.


Pouch with Amethyst polished set, hand-made by ZULMA.

Other Details

These items are carefully selected by professionals and are handmade. Actual item may differ from the image due to image quality, lighting and stone patterns as each bracelet is unique. Buyer will receive one set selected at random from the stock. Very well made, excellent cut and design.


Normally dispatched within 24 hours.

Product information

Free Palo Santo

Free Palo Santo stick with every Amethyst Gemstone Set purchase.

Because healing crystal stones absorb negativity and gain memory, it's important to cleanse your crystal stones often with Palo Santo Sticks by immersing the crystals in the Palo Santo smoke.

The Inca people of South America have been using this method for some 5000 years or more. Palo Santo smoke removes negative energy, cleanses and draws in good positive energy to fill the space.

So we have included a FREE Palo Santo stick with every Amethyst Gemstone Set. Cleanse your crystal Amethyst Gemstone Set of negative energy and memory as soon as you receive it.

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